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Could Your Business Card Be Damaging Your Reputation?

Business cards may be small, but they’re THE most important piece of marketing collateral in your business. Are your business cards making or breaking your sales? Read the full article


What Do The Colours Of Your Logo Say About Your Business?

Colour plays a very important role in memory recall, and conveys a message very quickly to the brain.
Yet different colours have different meanings – so choosing an appropriate dominant colour for your brand is crucial.
Let’s take a look at the meaning of different colours, to ensure that what you choose is relevant to your business and the image you’d like to portray: Read the full article

8 simple steps to get your Facebook page working harder

Many companies have started a Facebook Page... yet many business owners aren’t sure what they should be doing on their page. Here are eight simple steps to help you... Read the full article


What is the normal open rate for email newsletters?

Sending email newsletters can be a weird experience. Sure, you have a feeling that you’re doing the right thing by keeping in touch with your clients... but how can you tell if they’re actually having an impact? Read the full article


What can a three-year old teach you about marketing?

In order to make those sales, you need to capture people’s attention. And that’s exactly what photographs do: they capture people’s attention. Are you making the most of this powerful marketing tool? Read the full article


Why strategic alliances are your marketing goldmine

Would you like a regular flow of new business, without having too much selling or prospecting? It’s possible if you approach alliance opportunities strategically. Here’s how...
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How to make a strategic alliance last the distance

Making a strategic alliance work is a bit like maintaining a long term relationship... it needs ongoing communication for the union to continue to thrive. Here's how you do it.

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3 Things you should be doing to convert future prospects into customers

67% of people aren't ready to buy just yet, but might in the future... what are you doing to make sure they remember you?
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